Welcome to Glass Ed’s 28th Year

Glass Ed DeSpooking Clinic 2021  with Mobile Confidence course at Pine Lake Stables, Plainwell, Mi

2021 Glass Ed Dressage Clinic with Jolene Bester at Pine Lake Stables, Plainwell, Mi

2020 Glass Ed Award Winners

Anne Buckleitner- Anything Goes Musical

Chloe Jones- Lady Chaos- Western Basic

Carmen Medina- Scirocco- Warmblood, 1st Level

Ashley Pooler- I-Ronic - Warmblood, 2nd Level

Mary Johnson- Yankee Doodle- Pony, Training Level

Julie Bunnell- Let It Ride Denali- 1st Level

Carolyn Johnson- RLS Mardi Dixon- Anything Goes Musical

Shelby Bilyk- Breezy- Pony, Intro

Corinne Wayman- Tall, Dark & Handsome- Training Level, Equitation

Kelly Clevenger- Outlaws Sunny Sensation- W. Basic

Lauren Zandstra- My Last Shot of Bourbon- Training Level

Angie Fowler & Star Cruzer- Unregistered breed & Training Level

Debbie Duckworth- Red Pine Peach- Western Level 1

Ruth Morrison- Kaila- Training Level

2020 Show Pictures

Anything Goes Musical Freestyle in costume

Glass Ed Annual Dressage show at Pine Lake Stables  June 2019

Banquet Presentation: Body Awareness in the Dressage Rider

    Banquet Presentation: Body Awareness in the Dressage Rider Watch the presentation and see all the exercises again!   Many thanks to Ann Herbert, MPT, OCS, for her fantastic presentation on developing body awareness and strength in the dressage rider...

Dressage Fest Re-Cap

Each year, Glass-Ed proudly hosts its annual Dressage Fest. The most unique feature of this dressage schooling show is the optional written quiz. Free to all competitors, the quiz is available online in the weeks leading up to the show, and scores earned are converted into extra credit points toward the show High Point Champion and Reserve Champion awards for each level and division. One of Glass-Ed’s primary goals is to provide educational opportunities, and these quizzes offer an excellent opportunity for members to review rules and dressage show etiquette…

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Okay, so maybe we’re still a couple of days away, but there’s nothing quite like the splashing and sucking sounds of mud to hint that warmer days are ahead! Even if your sleek show horse still resembles a yak, and even if your dressage arena would currently make a better swimming pool, you’ve probably started planning your summer rides, written down a few show and clinic dates, and maybe even checked to see if you and horse still remember how to do this riding thing…

Winter 2016 Newsletter

We’re getting to that time of year when spring seems like it might actually show up after all. Days are getting longer, we’re a mere four weeks away from changing the clocks, and horses are starting to shed. And it wouldn’t be spring if we didn’t start thinking about clinics and show season!

Charles de Kunffy Wants to Hear from You!

Yes, YOU! Charles would like to know what topics Glass-Ed members would most like covered in his symposium. Now is your chance to offer suggestions! If you have ideas, please email them to clinics@glass-ed.org.

You’re Invited…

You’re invited to a clinic with Spanish Riding School Bereiter Marius Schreiner! DressageClinics.org has graciously offered a discount on auditing to all Glass-Ed members…

Western Dressage Apprentice Judging Program

WOW. I think that’s the word that best summarizes the Western Dressage Group Apprentice Judging Program that took place in November 6-8, 2015 at the Western Dressage World Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am truly embracing Western Dressage, I understand why it’s taking off like crazy, and after seeing the competition at the World Show, I’m even more impressed…

October/November 2015 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe another season has come to a close! In celebration of another great year, the 2015 Year-End Banquet will be held November 7, and is once again hosted at the beautiful Kellogg Biological Station…

August/September 2015 Newsletter

After a rainy June and a start to July that felt more like October, it’s hard to believe we’re already beyond Labor Day and looking at the finish of another show season! There have been some exciting additions this year, with new show hosts supplying great facilities, and new opportunities…

The Little GMO That Could

The Little GMO that Could... And Did! by Joanne Coy Just like the little engine that could, our GMO has chugged up some major hills these past few years to accomplish some pretty big tasks. In the fall of 2012, Glass-Ed hosted Part 1 of the USDF Learner Judging...

Calling All Volunteers!

Shows can’t run without your help! From ring stewards to scribes, runners to scorekeepers, there is a job for every ability! If you’re available to share your time and love of dressage, please contact us!


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