GLASS-ED Virtual Dressage Shows 2021

Submission Dates are:

May 1-15, 2021- Judges: Cynthia Garem, L, & Joanne Coy, L, WR

Results for May 15 Virtual Dressage show

June 1-15, 2021 – Judges:Lisa DelMundo, L, & Janice Smith , L

Results for June 15 Virtual Dressage show

July 1-15, 2021 – Judges: Dominique Ferguson, L & Marie Maloney, L & R

Results for July 15 Virtual Dressage Show

Aug 1-15, 2021 – Judges: Beth Barritt, L & R & Janice Mumford, L & R

Results for Aug 15 Virtual Dressage Show


Final point standings for Glass Ed Virtual Shows 2021 – Revised

GLASS-ED is excited to be able to bring the show to you at home. Whether you feel like you and your horse are not ready for the show environment, you don’t have a trailer, or maybe you don’t yet feel comfortable with the possibility of exposure due to you or a close family member’s underlying health conditions. We hope that this offers you an educational way to get feedback from the judge and satisfies your competitive nature.

Here are a few rules/ guidelines for submitting tests for the virtual show.

1. The video must be made from behind C, and in a dressage arena with letters. The arena dimensions should be as close to regulation size as possible but we will be a little flexible – small arena 20m x 40m (66′ x 132′) large arena 20m x 60m (66′ x 198′).

2. The video should be one continuous flow. No splicing video segments together.

3. Each test has a time limit. Your video should be no longer than 1 minute over the time listed on the test.

4. Please do not zoom in too closely, the judge needs to see at least a portion of the arena and letters.

5. The Video may not be a ride from a previous show. The date and time must be shown at the beginning of the video. This can be written on a piece of paper and recorded before the ride starts, or any device showing the current date.

6. Video must be taken in landscape mode.

7. At the conclusion of the ride the video should both side of the horse with rider to show equipment.  The bridle should be dropped after the ride so the judge can see that the bridle and bit are legal for the test ridden. The video should clearly show the bridle and bit.

8. Formal show attire is not required, but apparel should be neat and clean, reflect the discipline being ridden. All rules regarding equipment will be enforced.

9. Upload the test to your personal YouTube account. Be sure your settings allow others to view it. This link will be included in your entry form. Instructions on loading a video are here:

10. Virtual Year End Awards can be earned by signing up before you ride your tests.  Points from Actual shows and Virtual shows can not be combined. 

Click here for Virtual On line Year End Awards sign up forms

Payment may be made thru PayPal directly.

Questions may be directed to Tereasa Hufstedler,

Opening and closing dates are listed on the entry form. Once the show has reached its closing date, all entries will be organized into classes. The show entries will be sent to the officiating judge. The judge will watch and score the tests on an electronic form with feedback. The judge will then send the tests back to the organizer, where the classes will be placed. Tests will then be emailed to the rider. No ribbons will be awarded.  The scores will follow the directives on the published tests. For electronic scoring, the score sheet will have abbreviated directives. Riders should review published USEF or WDAA tests to see the full directives when reviewing feedback. Results will be posted on both Facebook and the GLASS-ED website.

The GLASS-ED board hopes this virtual show platform offers our members yet another affordable learning opportunity. We hope to see a good turnout.

Virtual Dressage Show Entry form

Entries with video links can be submitted within the dates listed for the show you have signed up for

Rides will be judged one week after closing date.

Year End Awards Registration-  Award points  begin on the date of sign up & payment for the award category, the rider and horse registration.                        See GED Rules Ch 4

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Virtual Test Level and Virtual Year-End Award Categories ($5 each)


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Payments-  If you are not connected automatically to Paypal when you submit your registration then you will need to make note of the total due.  Go to your paypal account and pay amount due to  thank you for your patience while I work to correct the connection