Banquet and Awards Sponsorship

Glass-Ed is looking for door prize donations and award sponsors for our Year-End Banquet! Year End Award categories may be sponsored for $25, and include listings in the banquet program, the website, and on social media. There are over 50 awards that need sponsors, so pick your favorite category and show your support! Glass-Ed is also seeking donations for door prizes, as well as silent auction items. Proceeds from the silent auction support Glass-Ed for show seasons to come.

Donations of door prizes and sponsorships of year-end awards from our members and friends are greatly appreciated. Your contributions help support Glass-Ed and the Annual Awards Banquet!

Questions? Contact Pam at (616) 291-4895 or e-mail banquet@glass-ed.org

Sponsorship Deadline: November 6, 2021

Prefer to mail yours in? (The Banquet reservation form will not be activated until the banquet is confirmed safe to host).  Click here to download 2021 Glass Ed Banquet Reservation.  

Award and Sponsorship Form is below.  Please note: a small amount is added to all online transactions to cover PayPal fees.

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Door Prize Donation:
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