Equine Line

Serenity Farm

Willow Tree Farms

Derbyshire Farms

Contact: Lucinda Henderson
Phone: (269) 930-9808
Email: derbyshirefarms@csinet.net
Website: http://derbyshirefarms.com

Show Facility: 2 sand show arenas, 2 warm-up rings (sand and grass). Stabling and camping without electrical hookups are available. Concessions on grounds.

Pine Lake Stables
Contact: Julie Bunnell
Phone: (269) 664-3351
Email: equineline@mei.net
Website: http://www.mei.net/~equineline/

Show Facility: 2 outdoor sand show arenas, 1 200 ‘ indoor warm-up arena, additional  grass outdoor warm-up areas. Stabling and Camping available.  Oak box stalls

Contact: Janine Holmes
Phone: (616) 723-4122
Email: jhequestrian@comcast.net
Website: http://www.serenity-farm.com/

Show Facility: Sand show arena, sand indoor warm-up arena and grass outdoor warm-up area. Stabling available; no camping. Concessions available.

Contact: Linda Cooper

Phone:  616-260-1470

Email: Linda_Cooper@amway.com

Show Facility:  Kent County Fair Grounds, Lowell, Mi

Fenced in Sand arena,

Warmup dirt or Grass area,

Stabling & camping available

Concessions on grounds


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