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Only one form should be submitted for the entire team. Form must be received, and each rider must have paid their PasDeDeux fee, prior to the first show at which the team wishes to start accumulating points toward year-end awards.

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Complete rules governing Pas De Deux Anything Goes Teams can be found at In order for a team to be eligible for GLASS-ED Year-End Awards, all riders must be GLASS-ED members, the horses must be registered with GLASS-ED, the team itself must be registered with GLASS-ED, and the first 2 members must have paid the appropriate Year-End Award fee(s) Once a team has been registered with GLASS-ED, there can be changes or substitutions of riders or horses, but riders and horses must be members of Glass-Ed, before points can be counted for year-end awards. Email Julie at or 269 664 3351 with questions.*

Questions with an * must be answered or the form will not get submitted.

Questions with an * must be answered or the form will not get submitted.

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