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Welcome to Glass-Ed's 2016 Dressage Fest!

Western Dressage – All Levels Written Quiz

Complete the quiz below for Class #907. Only your first submission will count for extra credit toward high point calculations. Results will display when you submit your quiz. Correct answers and references will be posted after the completion of DressageFest.

Welcome to your Western Quiz

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1) Unless specified by the competition's rules, there is no limit to the number of rides on the same day a rider may show a horse in Western Dressage.
2) Impulsion is required for a good collection in the walk, jog and lope.
3) Mules are not allowed to compete in Western Dressage.
4) The goal of Western Dressage is to develop a partnership between a happy equine athlete working in harmony with his rider.
5) The jog is a very slow two-beat gait of alternate diagonal legs separated by a moment of suspension.
6) The lope is a four beat gait with the time of suspension after the fourth beat.
7) Ribbons and flowers in the mane and tail are recommended in Western Dressage.
8) Unless mandated by show competition rules, it is not necessary to wear protective headgear while riding Western Dressage.
9) Flash nose bands are not allowed in Western Dressage.
10) A rider whose horse bucks during a Western Dressage test shall be eliminated.
11) An error cannot be considered by the judge unless he/she blows the whistle or rings the bell to let the rider know that an error occurred.
12) Switching from one-handed riding to two-handed riding in a Western Dressage test is considered an error.
13) Use of the voice, clucking the tongue, and petting the horse, are all allowed during a Western Dressage test.
14) The gaited horse will be evaluated on the consistency of its four-beat lateral or diagonal gait.
15) Spreading the hind legs during the "back" is considered a serious fault in Western Dressage.
16) Bitless bridles are only permitted if made out of leather.
17) A rider may only use one hand if riding a five year or older horse in a curb bit.
18) A kimberwick bit is illegal in Western Dressage.
19) Romal reins may only be used with a snaffle bit and must be ridden with one hand. The end of the Romal may be held with the non-reining hand.
20) A basic requirement of a saddle used in Western Dressage is that it must have a horn.
21) A basic requirement of a saddle used in Western Dressage is that it must have fenders.
22) There is only one acceptable method of doing a turn on the haunches in Western Dressage.
23) In a leg yield, the horse is slightly flexed away from the direction in which he is traveling.
24) The port of a curb bit used in Western Dressage may not exceed 3 inches in height.
25) Loss of rhythm, crookedness, and changing tempo are all considered faults of gait.

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