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Complete the quiz below for Class #905. Only your first submission will count for extra credit toward high point calculations. Results will display when you submit your quiz. Correct answers and references will be posted after the completion of DressageFest.

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1) How long should the halt be maintained at the beginning and end of each test?
2) Is over-tracking in the walk a consideration in scoring the free walk at Training Level?
3) How many meters between letters on the long side of the small dressage arena?
4) How many beats are in the trot?
5) Should the canter have suspension?
6) Which of the following qualities does the Purpose of Training Level include?
7) Is sitting trot allowed at Training Level?
8) Which of the following is NOT a requirement of Training Level?
9) Corners should be ridden as one-quarter of a volte (circle) of what size in Training Level?
10) How many meters are there between the centerline and the long side of the arena?
11) Can a rider be eliminated for using their voice during a test?
12) Are blind horses allowed to compete in regular USEF Training level tests?
13) What is the minimum age allowed for a horse to compete in an under-saddle dressage class?
14) Is it mandatory to salute with the right arm in competition?
15) Are gloves required in Training level tests?
16) Are tan colored breeches allowed in USEF Training level tests?
17) What is the maximum length of whip allowed?
18) After the sound of the judge's bell or whistle, the rider has this long to enter the ring before being eliminated.
19) A score of "7" means:
20) What is the smallest size circle required in Training Level?
21) A score of "5" means:
22) Each of the two Rider scores in the Collective Marks receives a coefficient of:
23) Can a rider be eliminated if their reader clucks to the horse during the test?
24) By which letter of the arena does the judge sit (when there is only one judge)?
25) The Submission score in the collective marks has a coefficient of what number?
26) Can a junior rider enter an Open Training Level class?
27) How many beats are in the walk?
28) What is the membership year considered to be in Glass-Ed?
29) How long is the standard (large) dressage arena?
30) If a rider commits two errors, what is the penalty of the second error?
31) How many meters between letters on the long side of the standard (large) arena?
32) How many meters from the corner letter to the end (short side) of the dressage arena?
33) According to proper ring etiquette, what is the accepted way to pass by another horse riding the opposite direction as you?
34) In Glass-Ed shows, how are ties broken between two riders?
35) What is the maximum number of classes a horse can enter in USEF dressage shows at 4th level or below?
36) How many levels can a horse participate in at Glass-Ed shows and USEF shows?
37) Are half chaps allowed in Glass-Ed shows?
38) If a rider performs a rising trot when sitting trot is required
39) When the "jacket rule" is waived due to high heat, riders may compete without jackets only if they wear long sleeved shirts.
40) When the "jacket rule" is waived due to high heat, riders may compete without jackets but must wear proper neckwear.
41) The maximum length of spurs in all tests (except Pony Rider Tests) is:
42) How long is the small dressage arena?
43) Are cooling vests allowed to be worn during a test or class?
44) Are earphones or other electronic devices allowed to be worn in the warm-up arena?
45) Are brow bands required on bridles worn in 2nd Level or below?
46) Are horses allowed to compete with earplugs in dressage classes if they are sensitive to noises?
47) Is the ring steward required to check the equipment and whip length of every horse and rider?
48) Are non-competing horses held to the same rules in the warm up arena as horses entered in classes?
49) Are "happy mouth" bits allowed in competition?
50) Is it mandatory for the judge to ring the bell if the rider has done an "error of course"?

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