Introductory Level Written Quiz

Complete the quiz below for Class #904. Only your first submission will count for extra credit toward high point calculations. Results will display when you submit your quiz. Correct answers and references will be posted after the completion of DressageFest.

Welcome to your Intro Written Quiz

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1) Which bit is an illegal bit?
2) Which bit is an illegal bit?
3) The legal length for a dressage whip is?
4) All the following statements are true of spurs except which one?
5) All of the following are illegal in the arena except?
6) The halt should be shown throughout the salute. The halt must be shown for at least how many seconds?
7) The walk is a marching gait with how many beats?
8) The trot has how many beats?
9) The canter has how many beats?
10) Which of the following walk is in the Introductory Level dressage tests?
11) The figures asked in the introduction to dressage tests include all but?
12) The Purpose of the introduction to dressage tests are all except?
13) Circles at E, B, A, and C are how big?
14) The wording "track right" means?
15) Free walk includes all but which one?
16) When in the warm up and needing to pass another competitor you should?
17) In the warm-up ring, you should?
18) If you lose control of your horse in the warm up ring, you should?
19) In a warm up arena, it is okay to?
20) In a warm up arena, it is best to?
21) The maximum number of classes an Introductory level horse may be entered in at a Glass-Ed show is?
22) In extreme heat and/or humidity, the judges and or show management may waive coats. This means?
23) The salute to the judge may be?
24) When in a test and the Judge rings the bell/ blows the whistle you should?
25) When having a caller read the test for you?

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