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dressagefestClasses 904, 905, 906, and 907 are written quizzes that must be completed online prior to the show. All tests MUST be completed by June 20. There are no exceptions to this and the quizzes will no longer be available after that time.

The questions have been created using the dressage test sheets, the USEF Rule Book, the Glass-Ed Rules, and the Glass-Ed Member Guide. All quizzes are “open book” and have no time limit for completion. However, you may only submit your quiz once. If you submit your quiz more than once, only the first score will be used! Please do not hit submit until you’ve answered all of the questions.

To ensure your scores are properly counted, please make sure your name, email and phone number entered at the beginning of the quiz match those you wrote on your entry form.

To take your quiz, simply click on the link at the top of this page for the appropriate level. Enter your name, email and phone number, and then click on the correct answer(s) for each question listed. Upon completion, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the quiz page. Your score will be displayed and will also be emailed to you. Results, answers and references for the answers will be posted here after testing has closed.

If you have any further questions about the Dressage Fest quizzes, please contact for assistance.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Scoring and Point Calculations

Quizzes count for extra credit toward Dressage Fest Championships! End of show championships will be calculated on the total points earned by placings in the rider’s level at:

Championship =
Equitation Class + Ridden Tests + Written Quiz

All three areas do not need to be entered to qualify for the championship.

The point system for calculating points earned for the written quiz is:

95%-100% = 3 points
90%-94% = 2.5 points
80%-89% = 2 points
79% and below = 1 point

Note: There must be at least four riders competing in a division for an End of Show Championship for that division to be offered.

Championship Divisions

High Point and High Percent Awards will be offered in the following divisions:

Introductory – Jr/YR & Open
Training Level – Jr/YR, AA & Open
First Level
Second Level and Above
Western Intro
Western Basic
Western Level One & Above

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