Current Award Standings

All members must enroll for each Year End Award category before points and scores accumulate. Horse and rider combinations must participate in at least three Glass-Ed shows per category to be eligible for awards. Only those with points earned in each category are shown below, but those displayed below may not have met the minimum show requirement. For full details, please see the Rule Book. Click here to enroll for Year End Awards!

Below are current year-end award enrollments for 2017. Not on the list? Register today! Please note: riders may add categories at any time, but all horse and rider combinations must be registered before points begin accruing in each category.
List updated 7/27/17

Erica Acton & High Flying Dakota: Training, Musical Freestyle, Breed: Color Breed
Terri Acton & Leaguers Elegant Lil: WD Introductory, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Patti Adams & Upnorth Hunters Shadow: Introductory, Walk/Trot Equitation, WD Introductory, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Sarah Archey & RH Queen O Anywhere: WD Basic, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Kate Balfoort & Dukes Exclusive Edge (Duke): Training, Breed: Color Breed
Kristy Barrett & Toy Story: Training, Breed: Unregistered
Adele Bassett & Flicka: Training
Rachel Belcher & Zippo Doc Bar Bee: WD Basic, WD Level One, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Ashley Ann Bieber & Juno: Training, First
Julie Bunnell & Inovate: Training
Julie Bunnell & Prairie Rock Star: Second, USDF
Billie Marie Carter & Singing In the Rain: Introductory
Carly Case & My Fair Lady: Training, Anything Goes Musical Freestyle, Breed: Pony
Carly Case & Romke Pierter P: Training, Musical Freestyle, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Todd Case & Side Up Sensation: Introductory, Breed: Color Breed
Mary Chamberlain & Xena: Training
Cathy Colbert & Rudy: Training, Breed: Warmblood
Linda Cooper & Sleeping Tiger : First, Breed: Color Breed
Joanne Coy & Lawson’s TN Titan: WD Introductory, WD Basic, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Barbara Drake & Honey’s Gypsy Rose: Walk/Trot Equitation, WD Introductory, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Deb Drenten & Watch This Trick: Introductory, Training, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Don Drenten & Hondo Lane: Training
Alli Farkas & Good Luck Charm: First, Quadrille
Tracy Fox & Altyn Bergot: Second
Tracy Fox & Motion Me On: First
Marta Francis & Hailey: Training, Breed: Warmblood
Marta Francis & Holly: Training, Breed: Arabian & Half-Arabian
Marta Francis & Maverick Moon: WD Introductory, Breed: Warmblood
Becki Hagaman & Splash All Mighty: WD Introductory, Breed: Color Breed
Jessica Hanney & Anastasia of KHA: USDF, Breed: Pony
Jamie Hassing & Irish Cheer: Introductory, Training, Breed: Thoroughbred
Jamie Hassing & Out With A bang: Second, Breed: Thoroughbred
Jamie Hassing & Special Te Girl: First, Second, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Jamie Hassing & Westwind Hawk: Third & Above, Breed: Thoroughbred
Tereasa Hufstedler & First Corithian Star/Rosco : WD Introductory, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Kadence Jennett & Rosco: Introductory, Walk/Trot Equitation, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Colyn Johnston & Royal Spencer: Training, Dressage Equitation, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Kathy Juhas & Renditions Story: Second
Kim-Case Lawrence & Sydney: First, Second, Quadrille, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Kim Lerch & Commander’s Solid Option (Finnie): Training, Quadrille
Emily Lewis & I’m All Show: Introductory, Walk/Trot Equitation, Dressage Equitation, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Amanda Lopez & Onatello: Training
Lynetta McCamman & Sophie: First
Carmen Medina & Dallemagne: Training
Marie Milliman & Leonardo FF: Introductory, Breed: Warmblood
Alex Moench & Concord: Training, First, Breed: Unregistered
Kim Nobel & Extra Blazin Lad: First, WD Level Two & Above, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Kim Nobel & Gens Magic by Moonlight: Introductory, WD Introductory, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Madline Paul & Do Me Proud: Training
Robin Pierce & Levi: Introductory
Lisa Ruiter & Elena: Training, USDF, Breed: Other Registered Breed
Maria Schroeder & Restless Allie: Introductory, Training
Maria Selner & Tormenta: Breed: Unregistered
Viviana Selner & Estrellita: Training, Musical Freestyle, Breed: Unregistered
Sarah Spicer & Bellatrix: Training, Breed: AQHA & Appendix
Cari Steensma & JJ: Introductory, Training, Breed: Pony
Sherri Wager & Boze: Training
Maddie Yob & Gracie: Training, Breed: Pony
Jolina Stubbs & Sir Arthur: Introductory, Breed: Unregistered

Points current through the July 9 Willow Tree show
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Score totals current through the July 9 Willow Tree show. Please note that only the highest certificate earned will be awarded at each level (ie, if a horse and rider team earns scores for both a bronze and a silver certificate, only the silver certificate will be awarded).
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