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Please note: each horse and rider must register for a year-end award category BEFORE points begin accruing in that category.

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2021 Year End Awards Registration


You can register and pay with Paypal with this form

Year End Awards Registration-  Award points  begin on the date of sign up & payment for the award category, the rider and horse registration.                        See GED Rules Ch 4

Rider Classification:*
Horse Name:*
Horse Registration:*
Test Level and Year-End Award Categories ($5 each)

*Pas de Deux and Quadrille Year End Awards $5 per rider; separate team registration must also be submitted

** Open to any rider showing in only walk/Trot or intro  classes.  No Professionals or riders entered in Training or higher this season.

Breed Year-End Award Categories ($5)
Copy of registration papers must be attached for all registered breed categories:
Horses and ponies may only register for one breed category. See rules for category details.


Horse Registration and Year-End Awards Total:
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Questions with an * must be answered or the form will not get submitted.

Payments-  If you are not connected automatically to Paypal when you submit your registration then you will need to make note of the total due.  Go to your paypal account and pay amount due to  thank you for your patience while I work to correct the connection

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