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Auditor On-Line Sign up & Payment for Musical Freestyle clinic

Rider and/or Auditor Registration & Payment On-Line for Glass Ed Lesson Clinic with Ruth Hill- Schorsch April 14, 2018

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Liability Release
By entering the rider's name, or auditor's name below, I understand that by participating in the  clinic, I do so at my own risk and risk to the above named horse.  I understand that Serenity Farms and facility staff, GLASS-ED, or anyone acting on their behalf are not responsible for accidents, damage or injury or illness to the horses, spectators, or any other person in connection with this clinic.  By signing this form, I agree to abide by the clinic rules and facility rules and will fulfill all financial commitments related to this clinic.
ASTM/SEI Certified helmets must be worn by all riders
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>You will receive an email confirmation from Glass Ed that your registration has been received. >Paypal will send a separate email indicating that your payment has gone through. If you do not receive both confirmations; then contact Joanne at for clarification

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