Continuing Education in Dressage Judging Program

“Upgrade Your Judging Eye II”

This program will be rescheduled and relocated in the Fall 2020.  Watch for updates.  Contact Janice Smith at

This program was developed by the USDF Judges Committee to provide continuing education opportunities, on a regional level, for licensed judges and USDF L Graduates and those enrolled in the USDF L Education Program.

This program combines classroom lecture with practice judging of movements, or full tests using videotapes/DVDs.

It includes a morning lecture and discussion at the Marriott Hotel, Albion, followed by afternoon practice judging at the Held Equestrian Center,  Albion recognized show.

Silent Auditing is available for USDF Participating Members and USDF Group Members (Glass-ed, MDA, MDC, etc) who are not current judges, grads or enrolled in the L Education Program.  Cost for auditing is $20.00.  The class will provide insight scoring and what the judges are looking for in each movement. 

Instructor-  Maryal Barnett

Location-Marriott Hotel, , Albion, Mi 49224

Date-  April 18, 2020

Time- 9:00AM to 5:00PM

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Glass Ed is offering the "Upgrade Your Judging Eye II".  It is a USDF Continuing Education Program

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